The Gathering Partners annual conference brings together people from all corners of Minnesota to learn about our state's natural resources. The conference is hosted jointly by University of Minnesota Extension program teams for Citizen Science, Invasive Species, and the Minnesota Master Naturalist program.


Meet the planning committee

Emily Dombeck

Emily Dombeck is the program and communications coordinator for Extension natural resources programs. Her work focuses on audience engagement through social media, marketing, program development, and user experience design.

Amy Rager

Amy Rager is an Extension educator and the state program director of the Minnesota Master Naturalist program. She loves helping people learn about the natural environment by connecting them with high quality education and wonderful places.

Angela Gupta

Angela Gupta is an Extension educator with a focus on terrestrial invasive species and private forest land management. Angela is a leader in the Forest Pest First Detector program, and she's a member of the Master Woodland Owner program team.

Andrea Lorek Strauss

Andrea Lorek Strauss is an Extenion educator, passionate about connecting people to nature. Her work centers around volunteer engagement in the Master Naturalist program, as well as citizen science project development and implementation.

Patrick Mulcahy

Pat Mulcahy is the aquatic invasive species (AIS) program coordinator for the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center and U of M Extension. In this role, Pat works to develop and coordinate the AIS Detectors and AIS Trackers programs.

Megan Weber

Megan Weber is an Extension educator focused on aquatic invasive species. She works on the development and delivery of volunteer and citizen science programs that work towards solutions to aquatic invasive species problems.